Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

What is Chiropractic:

Chiropractors have a term for misalignments: subluxations. A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of the bones that protect the spinal cord. It is a kink in the wiring of your nervous system. The severity of the subluxation can vary, and there are a number of potential contributing factors: physical, emotional, mental, or chemical. The subluxation can be caused by any number of incidents, from birth trauma to an auto accident to simple repetition or over-use.

What is Applied Kinesiology (AK):

AK uses bioenergetics feedback through testing the strength of various muscles in the body. This is a highly individualized, in-depth system of analysis.  It allows the doctor to assess various aspects of a patient’s state of health by evaluating and treating the following postural and muscular imbalances, neurovascular and neurlymphatic points, subluxation, cranial-sacral movement, acupuncture meridians and nutritional status. AK gives insight into the underlying causes and solutions to many functional health problems.