Dr. Audrey Allshouse


9315 N. Lilley Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170

IHS would like you to meet Dr. Audrey Allshouse, D.C. We feel very privileged to have her work out of our office and assist you on your journey to health. Dr. Audrey is now available to see patients here at Innovative Health Solutions.

Dr. Audrey graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Zoology in 2002. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2007 where she received training in Activator & Nimmo (Receptor-Tonus) trigger point therapy techniques.

Since graduation, Dr. Audrey studied & taught Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique and reached the highest level of mastery.

In 2015, Dr. Audrey received training in Nutrition Response Testing and understands the energetic connection between the body and the food we choose to eat.

Ask her about her wonderful family also!

Dr. Audrey has the expertise to locate and alleviate neurologic imbalances caused by trapped and unresolved trauma in the subconscious mind. Treatment is hands on and results are real time. Guidance on nutritionally based corrections may be given, as well as any rehabilitation techniques.