Whole Body Healing

Mission Statement

Whole Body Healing with Jennifer Webb provides a comprehensive, practical, multiple modality approach of alternative solutions to address complex emotional, spiritual and physical challenges.


  • checkHolistic Life Coaching
  • checkAuricular Acupuncture
  • checkEmotional Healing Techniques
  • checkEnergy Balancing
  • checkInd. Wellness Advocate of doRerra Essential Oils
  • checkInd. Beach Body Coach

Whole Body Healing provides diverse alternatives to traditional methodologies via Balance Restoration, Holistic Emotional and Physical Modifications, client-centered individualized Life Coaching and multiple modality alternative solutions to acute and chronic physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

About Jennifer Webb

Jennifer began her career in 1995 in traditional, western medicine. However, in 2004 she realized there had to be more to healing the body and mind than traditional protocols which don’t commonly address the root cause of the issue but rather give temporary relief.

This is when Jennifer felt compelled to develop and establish a more comprehensive holistic approach with multiple modalities to assist in restoring and enhancing the body as a whole.

With 15 years of education, extensive training and hands on experience, Jennifer offers customizable wellness plans that have attributed to guiding her clients in overcoming physical and emotional obstacles.